Emerging & Developing Global Executives Program

The history of Baltimore is intertwined with international trade.  As a major port city, Baltimore has always relied on international commerce as a cornerstone of the City’s economy. From Peter’s perch as CEO of a business with significant international sales, however, the city’s international business community appeared fragmented and undervalued. In 2015 Bowe & Stewart partnered with the World Trade Center Institute to develop an innovative year-long program that strengthens Baltimore’s international business community. The mission of the Emerging and Developing Global Executives (EDGE) Program is to cultivate a group of emerging global executives in Baltimore who will ultimately contribute to greater success and growth for the Baltimore region.

edge program

The mission of EDGE is to cultivate a group of emerging global executives in Baltimore who will ultimately contribute to greater success and growth for Baltimore area international businesses. In 2015, Bowe and Stewart approached WTCI with the idea of creating a global business leadership program modeled after an existing program offered by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. 


Why edge?

Bowe and Stewart saw a need to enhance Baltimore’s global competitiveness and knew that WTCI would be the right partner to bring this idea to life. In partnership with the Foundation, WTCI began developing the EDGE Program which has become the region’s premier learning opportunity for rising business leaders who want to enhance their understanding of international business.

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who qualifies?

Each year, emerging leaders from 25 different companies are selected to partake in a range of workshops and events, and meet with internationally-minded leaders from various fields. These interactions and educational components enhance the participants’ global perspective, build their international network, and ultimately help them have a greater impact on the region and their profession.

Nothing I have participated in the past can compare to the Emerging & Developing Global Executives Program, put on by WTCI.
— Michelle Vanschoorisse, Vice President & Senior Manager Corporate Treasury, Legg Mason
I was at a place in my career and company where it was time to advance my international business acumen to a higher level of understanding across all levels. The speakers had the ability to facilitate their specific area of expertise and bridge the local business activities to their global accomplishments. The staff was outstanding, and the friendships fostered with my fellow classmates are unforgettable. I was also able to obtain our first Chinese manufacturing client and a new client win in Australia during the course of the program. I can thank WTCI and the EDGE Program for an impressive experience that has helped me grow both personally and professionally.
— Ed Callahan, Co-Founder Planit Agency, 2016 Bowe Fellow

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